Green Goddess Chicken Salad

Green Goddess Chicken Salad is baby lettuce mixed with apple, roasted chicken, nuts, & cheese topped with green goddess dressing. Weight Watchers friendly- 5 SmartPoints!   One of the main reasons I love to cook is because cooking is my… Continue Reading

Curry Chicken Salad Wrap

 Curry Chicken Salad Wrap is shredded chicken mixed with a curry yogurt, almonds, & golden raisins in a wrap is the perfect lunch! Weight Watchers friendly- 6 SmartPoints!     Let’s face it, who has time to make an elaborate… Continue Reading

Tex-Mex Turkey Quinoa Casserole

Tex-Mex Turkey Quinoa Casserole-Delicious, hearty, & packed with Tex-Mex flavors. Ground turkey, roasted peppers, beans, squash, quinoa, & Tex-Mex spices mixed together make a scrumptious yet healthy casserole. Weight Watcher friendly (8 SmartPoints).

 Tex-Mex Turkey Quinoa Casserole is delicious & hearty. Turkey, quinoa, veggies, & Tex-Mex spices make a scrumptious healthy casserole. Weight Watcher friendly- 8 SmartPoints!     I love a good casserole, don’t you?!  Casseroles are for days when I have… Continue Reading