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Hey y’all!  I’m Kristine, a native born Texan, and I absolutely LOVE to cook!  My cooking journey started back in 2009 when I decided it was time to take control of my weight.  After starting a “real” job, I realized that my freshman 15 continued to stay on well after college.  After talking to a friend about Weight Watchers and hearing her success, I decided it was time for me to take control of my life and take action to lose weight.


So, I signed up for Weight Watchers!  I quickly realized that I needed to learn how to cook, so with the help of the internet and reading how-to guides, I taught myself how to cook.  After being on a diet for 1 year, not only did I learn how to cook and how to really understand food, but I also successfully lost enough weight to transform the way I look and get me on the path to a healthy lifestyle.  


My weight loss journey is unique… I slowly lost weight over 1 year without compromising the food I love and taught myself a completely new way of life.  I’ve taken the knowledge I learned about food and cooking during that 1 year of being committed to the diet and have been able to carry that forward every single day.  It’s been years since I started my new life path and I’ve been able to keep that weight off because of the fact that I now truly understand what I should and shouldn’t eat and what a true healthy portion is.


My cooking journey continues to evolve.  Each time I cook, I learn something new!  I cook almost every day so I decided it was time to share my ideas with the world, hence this website.  Food is what makes me happy, and cooking healthy is my passion.  While I will from time to time, make a “splurge” recipe, most of what you find on this site will be healthy, fresh, and full of flavor.


Like you, I’m constantly looking at recipes and ways to put a unique spin on classic dishes.  Browsing online and looking at recipes can be difficult to keep organized.  Please be sure to save any recipes that you like of mine on Yummly!  Also, don’t be shy with pinning any of my recipes on Pinterest either :).


Hiking at a park in Indiana, practicing my photo taking skills!

Hiking with my dog, Charlie, at a park in Indiana, practicing my photo taking skills!



I recently got married to the love of my life and best friend, so aside from cooking for my amazing husband, you can find me taking our dogs on hikes, biking around town to find a cool new coffee shop or restaurant to check out, or relaxing on our porch listening to a record from our vinyl collection.







I hope you enjoy these bites of flavor!!


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