Pulled Pork Mexican Pizza

Pulled Pork Mexican Pizza is the perfect pizza to make when you’re craving tacos and pizza at the same time! Weight Watchers friendly recipe- 9 SmartPoints!     Ahhh pizza!  My husband’s ALL time favorite food.  He swears that pizza would be his last meal if he had to choose!  If it were up to him, we’d order pizza at least once a week.  We do sometimes order pizza, but I prefer to make my own.  Pizza is one of those meals that is easy to whip up and a great way to be super creative with food.  Usually when I make pizza, I have random ingredients in the fridge that somehow totally go together when added on top of crunchy crust and topped with cheese.  My Pulled Pork Mexican Pizza is like a burrito or taco made into a pizza!  Unique and delicious!  This is a Weight Watcher friendly recipe and each slice is 9 SmartPoints.   A while back I made Slow Cooker Mexican Spiced Pulled Pork and wanted to find a really unique way to incorporate pork into pizza.  Back in Texas, my husband and I LOVED our local pizza place.  They had like 40+ different kinds … Continue reading Pulled Pork Mexican Pizza